To Serve or to Lead…Is there a difference?

Today is the anniversary of an event that goes back more than 2000 years ago. The story of a “server” and that of a “leader”. I was going through the 21 Laws of Leadership trying to choose the 1 law that best exemplifies that of “service”. I wonder when Dr. Maxwell was putting these Laws together whether he was thinking about the man who gave up HIS life on this very day as the Laws all seem to tie into one another based on…yes, you got it…Service AND Leadership!

So to bring this home, I will cite several of the 21 Laws. Law #2 The Law of Influence-Leadership is not Title, Position, Power or Stature. It is Influence, nothing more, nothing less. Clearly this man came into the world and left this world with innocense. He certainly influenced many before but certainly many after. Law #4 The Law of Navigation. Anyone can steer a ship but it takes a Leader to chart a course. Well 2000+ years later we are still following a course established. Law #10 The Law of Connection-Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand. Well 2000+ years later, the number of hearts that have been touched on a daily basis….and the number of hands that have reached out to others during this journey. Law #11 The Law of the Inner Circle– A leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him. Who could have guessed that a few “fishers of men” would go on to carry forward the message that would reach the whole world? Law #18 The Law of Sacrifice– The Leader must give up to Go Up. Well there can be no greater love than to give up one’s own life. In our own very lives the best leaders have been those who have been the best servers and have humbled themselves and exalted others.

I could go on and on citing the 21 Laws today. It is my hope that you will get yourself a copy of the 21 Laws. Those who do not live by the laws…well as Dr. Maxwell says “Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership”.

I look forward to your comments. Have a Happy Easter!